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Full time

A couple of weeks ago I lost my job. The firm I worked for during 3,5 years went bankrupt. I followed my heart and decided to become a full time iOS app developer.

In my ideal world, the revenue from my own iOS apps is sufficient to live from. In reality, I'm not even close to that ideal situation. So, what's my plan?

  • I'm convinced that my current apps have great potential. Maybe not in their current form, but each app has a pretty long "to do" list. The first app I started working on is GeoLogTag. Version 3.4 will become available pretty soon. I have some great ideas that will make photo geotagging more powerful and at the same time a lot easier. You can expect more GeoLogTag versions in the near future.
  • I also have ideas for new apps, but more apps doesn't automatically mean more revenue. It's important to be very selective when making a new app. There's only so many apps 1 developer can maintain. Until now I never made an app with a large potential user base. Maybe it's time to change that approach. 
  • Since none of my apps has a how-can-I-live-without effect on a large part of the iOS user base, it's important to promote my apps. I've done some promotion in the past, but the effect was always limited and temporary. This aspect will require more attention than it used to have.

In the next months I'll stick to the 3 points above. I'll keep a close eye on how my app revenue evolves and eventually I'll have to decide whether full time app development is a sustainable business for me.

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