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To track your locations, go to the Record tab. There is a running clock (makes synchronizing time with your camera easier) and a record button.

Tap on the record button to start a new track. The screen now looks like this:


With the control at the top of the screen you can choose a recording mode. 

GPS: If possible locations are recorded using the GPS unit of the device (9 hours *). If GPS cannot be used, Wi-Fi based locations are used.

Wi-Fi: Locations are logged based on Wi-Fi networks. This mode is less accurate than GPS, but results in better battery life (24 hours *)

Cell Tower: Locations are recorded based on cell tower information and only when your location has changed significantly compared with the last location. (1 week *)

*battery life indication for an iPhone 7 when starting with a fully charged battery

 Wi-Fi and Cell Tower mode result in a longer battery life, but also in less accurate geotags afterwards. You can switch between recording modes during a session.

You can also pause and resume recording as much as you want. 


If you’re done shooting, stop the recording by using the button at the top right of the screen. GeoTagr stops recording your location, but you can turn it on again at any time.

Note that there is also the possibility to record GPS locations every 1, 3, 5 or 10 minutes. A tap on the GPS icon will reveal a little menu where you can choose the recording interval.

There's also an Apple Watch companion app available to make it even easier to start, stop and pause location recording.



To track your locations, go to the Tracks screen tab. Tap the action button and select "Record New Track". A big map is displayed with a breadcrumb that follows you as you go. Since battery life is not an issue on the iPad, recording is always done with the best possible accuracy.

Important: The Wi-Fi only iPad models don't have a GPS component. Location recording will only work in urban areas where Wi-Fi signals can be used to determine your location.



Last updated on June 7, 2017 by Chris