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For Flickr users the workflow is similar to the Mac workflow with the exception that the location is not stored in your photo, but is managed by Flickr.

To geotag photos on your Flickr account, you go to the Geotag tab (iPhone) or Geotag screen (iPad) and select "Flickr". Then tap on “Add Flickr account”.

This will start a procedure that you only have to execute once (per Flickr account). The procedure is required to give your copy of GeoTagr the permission to modify photo properties (latitude and longitude). As a result the screen now looks like this: 

Select any Flickr album to get a preview map with locations. Tap the red geotag button to start geotagging your Flickr photos.

Once your photos are geotagged, you can see their locations on your Flickr map.

The Galarina Flickr map is here.








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