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Record your location with GeoTagr while you take photos as explained in "How to record locations".

When finished taking photos, transfer your photos from your digital camera to your iPad. If you used GeoTagr on an iPhone to track your location, open GeoTagr on the iPhone. If the device uses the same Wi-Fi network or can connect via Bluetooth, GeoTagr makes a connection automatically and transparently uses the locations recorded on the device to geotag photos on your iPad. The status bar on the iPhone animates while there is a connection with GeoTagr on your iPad.

The album or event that contains your iPad photos appears in the list on the Geotag screen. Select the album or event and a map with a preview of maximum 5 photos is displayed. The photos are not yet geotagged, but the preview gives you the opportunity to verify if the calculated photo locations are correct.

Tap the red geotag button at the bottom of the map. Geotagging starts and the photos are geotagged.

If an album or event contains already geotagged photos, a map will be displayed with an overview of all your geotagged photos. Tap on a pin to see the corresponding photo thumbnail.






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