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I attended Apple's WWDC conference for the first time ever and I really enjoyed it. The conference kicked off with the keynote where Tim Cook & friends announced the new look and new features of iOS 7 (available in the fall).

One of the new iOS 7 features is AirDrop, an easy way to transfer files from one iOS device to another. Transferring photos and videos is one of the main features of my Scotty app. For Apple afficionados the verb "to sherlock" is commonly used when Apple announces a new product or feature that makes a third party product obsolete. Though Scotty can also wirelessly transfer photos and videos from iOS to Mac, it's safe to say that Scotty is partially sherlocked.

Scotty is now 4 years old and I never thought it would take Apple that long to include some of the Scotty functionality into iOS. So, being sherlocked this way was something I expected to happen at least 2 years ago. The good news is that during the technical sessions of WWDC I also learned that iOS 7 will come with a couple of very interesting new built-in technologies that will allow me to add cool new features to Scotty.