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Positive boomerang

I'm allergic to people who find pleasure in making others life hard. Probably because I'm their genetic counterpart.
I was born as a 100% naive optimist and although the 'naive' aspect is something my counterparts love to abuse, I'll stay naive and positive until the day I die.
By this time you'll probably wondering why I'm writing this post. Herbs? No. Too many mojitos? Nope. Positive boomerang? Yep.

About a year and a half ago I started cooperating with Corey Forman for all kinds of design work related to my apps. During that period we never met in person but we communicated a lot via email. Sometimes I needed something a couple of days later, sometimes he had weeks to finish the job.
4 months ago I started working as a freelance iOS developer. I did a couple of apps and I became active on Elance and oDesk.
A month ago, out of the blue, I was contacted by the people at Everest. I vividly remember the moment I first visited the Everest website. "What an insanely great idea" was the first thing that came to mind. Helping others to live theirs dreams. It's hard to come up with something more positive than that. After a couple of Skype interviews I was hired despite the 9 hour time difference between San Francisco and Belgium.
I'm really thrilled to be part of the awesome Everest team, but why did they contact me in the first place? It turned out that Corey is the friend of a friend of someone who works at Everest. Corey dropped my name when he heard they were looking for iOS devs. How insane is that! A person who never saw one line of my code, who never used one of my apps, recommends me as an iOS developer.
I asked Corey and his answer was simple: "You are always nice, professional, reasonable and fair and you have a good looking resume for what I was asked to find."  

Just be nice to other people and chances are that one day something nice comes back to you. That's what I call a positive boomerang.