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Feature requests

I cherish user feedback a lot. All my apps have a built-in button to make a feature request. As a result, users send in feature requests all the time. And although I cannot implement them all, a lot of them become a reality at some moment in time. Now and then a real gem is dropped in my inbox. A "why haven't I thought of that" kind of gem. 

About a month ago an Argentinian user asked to add the possibility to save a photo in full resolution to the PhotoMeta web browser. You can save photos in Safari too, but those are most of the time reduced in size, thereby stripping off some of the metadata. A brilliant idea and not even that hard to implement.
I was working on an iOS 6 compatible PhotoMeta version anyway, so timing was perfect too. And as PhotoMeta already allows saving Dropbox photos in full resolution the new feature makes a lot of sense.

A couple of hours ago the PhotoMeta version that supports full res photo saving in the browser became available in the App Store.