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GeoLogTag goes iPad

In my Traveling with an iPad instead of a laptop post a couple of months ago, I already gave a little hint that geotagging iPad photos was on my wish list. And I wasn't alone. Since the day the original iPad was launched, I received numerous requests for this feature.  

Initially (iOS 3 and 4) it was technically not possible for third party apps to create geotagged photos on an iPad, but that changed with the release of iOS 5. As far as I know, GeoLogTag is the first iPad app offering an all-in-one geotagging solution for a broad set of platform/hardware combinations. I'm not going to describe them all, but I few examples will clarify a lot. 

1. A photographer with an iPhone, an iPad and a Camera Connection Kit

Taking an iPad with you on a photo shoot is not always practical. But now that GeoLogTag is a universal app this becomes a no brainer. It's super-easy to record locations with GeoLogTag on your iPhone and use those locations to geotag photos (imported with the CCK) on the iPad after the shoot. Both instances auto detect each other via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and locations are used transparently. 

2. A photographer with an iPad, a Windows PC and a GPS device

Assume it's possible to generate a GPX file containing the locations logged with the GPS device (data logger, Garmin, …). The photos are synced via iTunes from the Windows PC to the iPad. GeoLogTag can import the GPX file and use that information to geotag the photos on the iPad.
Importing the GPX file can be done via Mail, Dropbox or any other file sharing app. 

3. A Google+ user with an iPhone

GeoLogTag offers very straightforward support for Google+ photos. Recording locations is done with the iPhone as well as geotagging of the photos afterwards. Note that this works similarly for an iPad/Google+ combination.


Besides providing a unique geotagging solution for iPad users, I also spent a lot of time polishing and refining the user interface. And I'm proud of the result. 
GeoLogTag is a powerful, versatile app with a subtle, uncluttered UI. I thought it was also time to replace the old icon with a new one that looks fresher and more professional. I hope you like it as much as I do.



The complete set of new 4.0 features:
    ✓ Universal app
    ✓ Import and export of GPX track files via Dropbox
    ✓ Import of GPX track files from Mail app, Dropbox app, …
    ✓ Geotagging of Google+ photos
    ✓ Pause and resume when recording locations
    ✓ All maps have 3 modes: Standard, Satellite, Hybrid 

iPad specific features
    ✓ Seamless use of locations recorded with an iPhone/iPod touch (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi)
    ✓ Geotagging of iPad photos (iOS 5 required, for RAW photos a geotagged JPEG photo is created)
    ✓ Geotag preview for iPad photos