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Camera+ integration

The moment tap tap tap announced the availability of the Camera+ API, I knew that Scotty was a perfect app to integrate with Camera+. I'm using the Camera+ app myself and it always bothered me that I had to save the Lightbox photos to the Camera Roll before I could transfer them.

The Scotty workflow is a perfect fit for Camera+ integration. In the list of photo sources I just added an extra section for the Camera+ Lightbox, but only if the Camera+ app is installed on your device. If you're not a Camera+ user, the integration is completely invisible.



When you select "Lightbox", Scotty goes to the background and the Camera+ app becomes active. The contents of the Lightbox are presented and you just tap on the photo you want to transfer. Camera+ exports the photo to Scotty which in turn transfers the photo to the originally selected destination.

For the moment the Camera+ API has no support for selecting multiple photos, but they have plans to add that feature in a future Camera+ version.  

To celebrate this very special version, Scotty is on sale for a limited time for just 0.99$.

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