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iOS 4 support and more ...

I got a lot of questions from users if and when I would add support for iOS 4. The main reason being that they want to run GeoLogTag in the background.

I have the habit to test each version of every app on real devices. Since my iPhone 3G is not capable of running apps in the background I needed an iPhone 4. That turned out to be more difficult then I initially thought. I live in Belgium where the iPhone 4 became available on the 30th of July. I was about 20th in line, but only 10 devices were available!

About a week later I bought my iPhone 4 in France because in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany there was no iPhone 4 supply. Now that I had the hardware available I could start testing (including a test cycle with beta testers).

Besides background support, I added some other features too. The full list of new features in version 3.1 looks as follows:


  • Geologging and geotagging in the background (iOS 4 only)
  • Geologging continues when the iPhone is locked/put asleep
  • Support for extra RAW formats: DNG and Leica (RWL)
  • App icon badge shows the number of logged locations (iOS 4 only)
  • Retina display graphics (iPhone 4 only)

I did some battery life tests to see how the iPhone 4 GPS chipset and battery compare to the iPhone 3G. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. You can find the detailed results on the battery FAQ page.


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