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For SmugMug users the workflow is similar to the Mac workflow with the exception that the location is not stored in your photo, but is managed by SmugMug.

To geotag photos on your SmugMug account, you go to the Geotag tab (iPhone) or Geotag screen (iPad) and select "SmugMug". Login to your SmugMug account. The screen now looks like this:

Select your SmugMug account to see a preview map with locations. Tap the red geotag button to start geotagging your SmugMug photos.

Once your photos are geotagged, you can see their locations on your SmugMug map. Note that it can take a while before the photos are visible on your map.

The Galarina SmugMug map is here.






There are also a number of conditions that must be fulfilled in order for SmugMug to be able to display the photos on the map. Detailed info can be found on the SmugMug Maps Help page, but if your photos don't show up on your map, check the following list:

  • Hidden photos, photos in password-protected or unlisted galleries, and photos protected by a site-wide viewing password will not show on maps.
  • Your site-wide SmugIslands setting in your control panel must be "Yes" for Hello Smuggers, and your gallery settings should have "Inherit site-wide setting" for Hello Smuggers.
  • The Edit Geography option in your gallery settings must be set to "Yes".


Last updated on June 7, 2017 by Chris