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If you read all the info on the How To pages and GeoTagr still cannot detect your Mac over Wi-Fi, open System Preferences on your Mac. Go to Sharing and select File Sharing - Options.

Make sure that “Share files and folders using AFP” is active.

If your Mac still isn’t detected try the following steps:

  • Stop and start File Sharing and try again
  • Restart your Mac and try again
  • Restart your iPhone/iPad and try again

Another possible cause is Bluetooth interference. Since Wi-Fi and Bluetooth share the same physical antenna to send and receive signals, it’s best to disable Bluetooth when you are using Wi-Fi.

Note that some routers or subnet configurations may not work well with Apple File Sharing. For example, hotspots at hotels or institutional networks may not be compatible. To test it out, check to see if similar services work. E.g. can you use Apple's Remote app to control your Mac's iTunes?


Last updated on May 9, 2019 by Chris