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This FAQ page is specific for geotagging to a Mac shared folder. Photo format support for PC users depends on the geotagging application they use on their PC. 

Obviously JPEG is a supported format. Although JPEG is standardized, each camera manufacturer uses it in a slightly different way. To guarantee a flawless geotagging experience, GeoTagr is tested with JPEG photos from 6000+ different digital cameras.

The following RAW formats are supported: 

  • Nikon (NEF)
  • Canon (CR2, no support for CRW)
  • Sony (ARW, SR2)
  • Olympus (ORF)
  • Pentax (PEF)
  • Fujifilm (RAF)
  • Kodak (DCR, KDC)
  • Epson (ERF)
  • Panasonic (RAW, RW2)
  • Mamiya (MEF)
  • Hasselblad (3FR)
  • Leica (RWL)
  • Samsung (SRW)
  • DNG

Last updated on July 22, 2015 by Chris